7 Years Old Girl watches Haram things and seeks to stop!

''A few days ago, I had youth anonymously write me either 1) questions they would never ask a real shaykh, or 2) criticisms about Islam they could never answer. The typical - though still painful - confessions on dating, doubts about God, and homosexuality, were all there as expected. I was very happy they opened... Continue Reading →


Alipay coming to Pakistan IT Minister

Minister of Information and Technology Anusha Rehman revealed that AliPay will be operating in Pakistan soon. She announced this news while she was attending an event related to the projects of final year students at a university in Islamabad. While speaking to the students she told about the importance of Internet and Information Technology in... Continue Reading →

Careem hits GSM!

Multan, Sialkot and Gujranwala fully active for Careem. Company has started to grow its network one by one and now adding more cities within its range. Careem is fully operating in Karachi, Lahore and Twin Cities. With this rate of expansion Careem will be facilitating millions of job by 2020 across dozen of cities. “Careem... Continue Reading →

Misbah versus Imran, who is the Better?

Since the PCB Chairman Mr. Shahrayar Khan has called off Misbah Ul Haq the better Captain overall in comparison to the iconic Imran Khan, social media has been taking part in the fuss gathering opinions of who is the better one. Clearly the results concluded Imran to be the better one on the media firms... Continue Reading →

Panama Case, Joy of sorrow

ISLAMABAD:  Supreme Court has announced the much-awaited Panama Case verdict, as anticipated by the legal experts Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s was not disqualified. JIT (Joint Investigation Team) commission was formed announced by Justice Asif Khosa. JIT will have to deliver its final report within the next sixty days. The Prime Minister has to present himself... Continue Reading →

Twice the silence double the controversy!

KARACHI: Karachi Kings finally break the ice of inducting the Boom Boom star all-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi. He had earlier parted ways with his former team Peshawar Zalmi. Posting on the social media site Twitter Afridi tweeted: ‘’Won the cup with one team, Time for another. I am announcing my end of service as president... Continue Reading →

YouTube crackdown against fake channels

Five years ago, YouTube introduced us to their partner-program. It was simple to sign up for a service, upload stuff, and make money out of it in no time. This procedure helped YouTube to become world’s biggest video collection platform, but this also led to some complications. People started to create accounts and upload videos... Continue Reading →

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