7665 Days (21 Years) later, Mom found her missing Child!

Maria Mancia met her son after 21 years, when she met him she couldn’t believe her eyes. “I was unaware of what had happened to him all these years” she told.

Steve Haernandez was only 1 and a half years old when he went missing, actually taken by his father to be discovered later. Valentine Hernandez, the father of the child removed every picture of him from his home including the ultrasound photo of the womb too.

The mother recalls it clearly – the day she lost him from her former home in California in 95. Toughest time she’s been in her life. There was no sign of him because there was no picture of the kid in his home, the authorities contacted missing child’s relatives to get a picture, and there was one that remained.

“It’s all I had of him,” she spoke. “It was always with me.”

Finding Steve was assigned to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Child Abduction Unit. No luck for years but yet finally came across by a useful tip that led them towards Puebla, Mexico. The boy was found, 22 years old Steve. His father was missing or was thought dead.

“I was stunned,” Steve added. “ I was unaware of the fact that she was alive or not. All I hear is I got a call that they found my mother and she had been searching for me like forever. It was emotional but yeah it felt good, real good.”

After the reunion Steve brought all the pictures of him along, showed to the mother as she didn’t have any of them. The only picture she had all these years was a recovered photo from a relative.

Steve studied law in Mexico and aims to attend law school back in US.

“Now this is all over, I thought he is gone now but I have my son back,” Mother said. “I spent 7665 days without him not knowing anything.”


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