Panama Case, Joy of sorrow


Supreme Court has announced the much-awaited Panama Case verdict, as anticipated by the legal experts Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s was not disqualified. JIT (Joint Investigation Team) commission was formed announced by Justice Asif Khosa. JIT will have to deliver its final report within the next sixty days. The Prime Minister has to present himself and his accused family members to the commission of the JIT. The fate of the PM will be decided by the final report of JIT.

Different members of MI, ISI, FIA, State Bank will be included in the JIT commission. The verdict was decided in a way that every Judge had to write his own remark of the case at first, then combined altogether by the all five later.


The verdict had a 3-2 margin. 3 of the Judges remarked to make the JIT commission for further investigation against the PM, giving more time, while 2 of them (Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and Justice Gulzaar) had their opinion of disqualifying the PM right away. The total remarks of the verdict exceeds 500 pages.

PML-N senior members expressed their relief after the hearing. The senior members were Khwaja Asif, Ahsan Iqbal, Saad Rafique. While addressing to the media after the case hearing at SC PML-N followers started to chant Ro Imran Ro (Cry Imran Cry). Unable to comprehend the verdict by the SC that their party head Mr. Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister of Pakistan is not Sadiq and Ameen, declared by the two Judges while the other three were unable to agree on a decision to disqualify him now and collectively agreed upon to Investigate the Head of the State furthermore so there is no excuse left for him.

Furthermore Maryam Nawaz also joined the celebration by tweeting this picture and her emotions after the hearing.


PTI lawyer Ch. Faisal Hussain contended that the family of the Sharif had concealed facts and also given misleading statements regarding their London property; therefore he should be disqualified. Addressing to the media after hearing he announced the decision and told the PML-N supporters that it is such a shame for us that a JIT commission will have to investigate the head of our State. It’s nothing to be proud of. Understand the verdict of the court as Mr. Nawaz Sharif still hasn’t gotten away with this.

The SC remarks were clear that the NAB chairman completely failed in delivering the responsibility. Qatri letter plus much of the defense is not valid therefore it requires further investigation.

The Prime Minister has expressed his relief of the hearing and announced to address the nation tonight at 7 P.M

PTI Chairman, Imran Khan has demanded the Prime Minister of Pakistan to resign until the commission finalizes its report. On further note he added if Mr. Nawaz Sharif is proved innocent of the accusations by the JIT, he can retain his position as the Prime Minister.


PPP Chairman, Asif Zardari, and Bilawal Bhuttu also held a press conference asking the Prime Minister to resign as well. He told the media he knows Mr. Sharif won’t resign but he must do it ethically. He also expressed his disappointment with Imran Khan. Asif Zardari told the media reporters” I am disappointment with Imran, if he in the first place had collaborated with us in this matter, if Aitzaz Ahsan had presented the arguments to the judging panel instead of Faisal Hussain, this 3-2 margin would have been ruled against the Prime Minister instead of a favor to him.”

What do you think, who won who loss?


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