Best Display in a smartphone ever!

Each time Samsung tries to flip back into the mainstream and cut out the other big fishes in the market, they got themselves a bitten piece of Apple. This time is no different as Samsung as finally tested its upcoming 8th Addition to Galaxy S series. The advertising is labelling it as the finest display... Continue Reading →


The Great Wall of Tuk Tuk

The Great wall of Tuk-Tuk will walk away from international cricket after a Test match series against the West Indies starting April 21. He announced his decision at a press conference in Lahore on Thursday. "It will be my last series and I had conveyed this to the PCB chairman quite some time ago," The... Continue Reading →

Syria chemical ‘attack’: Trump condemns ‘crossed a lot of lines for me’

The Big Boss in the white house condemned the killings of civilians in northern Syria in an chemical weapons attack by Syria’s air force. "affront to humanity", he spoke, then: "When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, little babies... that crosses... many lines." He did no mention of Russia, Syria’s ally, which has revealed chemical... Continue Reading →

Girls cycled out to Pak-China Border

We cycled from Islamabad to Khunjerab pass border(800KM from Islamabad)of Pakistan and China and then back to Islamabad in 9 days. When we told our family about our trip, our siblings started laughing and called us crazy. Everyone mocked us but the hardest part was getting permission from our mothers and assuring them of our... Continue Reading →

Student ends up dead while going LIVE!

Mumbai: Arun Bhardwaj a 24 years old engineering student, checked into a suite of Taj Lands End in Mumbai on the 19th floor this Monday, April 3 morning. Couple of hours later, the student broke out the window and jumped. Security officials heard the cracking of the window until they could do something the body... Continue Reading →

It has been officially declared that Huawei has jointly conducted a successful 5G tests with Telenor while achieving approximately 70Gbps speeds in a lab controlled environment. Huawei stated that this was the very first time that 5G based E Band multi-user MIMO demo with any operator. The E-band multi-user MIMO can provide a speed of... Continue Reading →

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